The Last Thing He Ever Told Me

Every couple of weeks or so my family would get together at a local restaurant in St. Albert. We would chat over breakfast, mostly just an excuse to see each other in an otherwise busy and hectic life. This time was different as I had just quit my retail job of five years to move to Calgary and pursue my dream of being a pro-wrestler by going to Lance Storm’s Academy. Though I’d been a fan of the WWE, I couldn’t say I ever looked like the traditional superstar, or any athlete for that matter. And though I had been inside the ring as a referee for a local independent promotion, Grampy (our family’s term for my Father’s Father) was weary of the decision. Not surprising, as I was leaving a well-paying job for a possibly fruitless endeavor. As Nana and my family chatted over my sister’s new promotion, or shoes… or friend’s love-life, (whatever it was, I can’t remember), I sat silently, and Grampy finally entered the conversation.

When Alton Brewer was my age (24, at the time), he had already left Arthurette, New Brunswick, the home that he was born in. Hopping on a bus, he enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces. This was his career, yet he had goals and hobbies too. When he was younger, and heavily involved in Athletics, he trained and became involved in refereeing Soccer. He told us all about the rigorous training and physical toughness needed to become a Soccer referee (never mentioning his military training). The words resounded with me, and although I can’t remember the specifics the message was clear: If want to pursue this, you’re going to have to work harder than you ever have before. Because hard work pays off. And, when you do something you love, it’ll be worth it.

This story doesn’t have the happy ending that you hoped for. I worked my butt off at Lance’s, I didn’t drop out, but when I faced the reality of working in professional wrestling, I realized I didn’t love it like I had once. The future was not looking bright, no job, no plan B. After a couple months on the couch, I was back to the same athletic level and not feeling any optimism for the future. So I through two Hail Mary passes, and on the same day I went for a job interview, I submitted a tape to enter NAIT’s Radio & Television program.

I fell in love, I found my calling, and I found the something that I wanted to work hard at: Radio. And though wrestling hadn’t worked out, one of the confidence boosts I took from it was that I was praised for my promo skills. I was praised for something I wrote. For the next three semesters, I went to school bright and early, went to work right after and would stay up into the wee hours of the morning to finish homework. I reminisce on the days I hated the insomnia I got from a perceived failing in wrestling, but now I embraced the insomnia. I didn’t care about the 20 hour days, I loved NAIT. And because I was working hard, it was paying off.

(Ok, if you’re not emotionally drained yet, THIS is the cry part) Sometimes my sister sees a psychic, and she says she’s been visited by our Grandparent’s spirits. I don’t, and I’m not saying this because I don’t believe or I can’t or won’t, because we all need some way of honouring the ones that came before us. I say this because of this: I don’t need to see Grampy, because I’m trying to live my life by the values and the words that he’s passed on.

You’re going to have to work harder than you ever have before. Because hard work pays off. And, when you do something you love, it’ll be worth it.

But this wasn’t the last thing he ever told me. He had a stroke, when I was in Calgary, never knowing how much his words had changed my life. His speech was failing and he mumbled something through the corner of his mouth. I don’t remember the specifics but, the message was clear: I Love You.


Blog #1: Off to a Start

Hi! I’m OnlyAlexB, and as you may have noticed that last week I promised every weekend, and today is Monday…. That’s mostly because I was busy Saturday and didn’t feel particularly up to it yesterday when I should have. So let’s kinda go over the past week and I’ll tell you what I did, wanted to do and some personal insights on movies and things that hopefully don’t go too, too long.


I had a dream about The Lion King, but it’s not what you think. I was in a writer’s meeting and we were discussing what the name of the film should be and I kept on suggesting long and complicated names for some reason. Of course most of the names got shut down and that’s basically most of what I can remember of it. I have idea what this signifies other than, “A lion cub whose father dies and he parties in the forest, but then he comes back.” is a bad name for a film. (Unless it’s an art film)


I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens (plus Bonus Features). This was only my second time watching it, and I’m still not sure about it. The way I watch movies is pretty weird, and critical, so the first time I saw it I didn’t like how it ended (y’know, with the guy not talking) and the second time it was a bit better knowing what to catch, like Pegg as Plutt and the way the light moves on Kylo Ren’s face during the bridge scene. Stuff like that is cool. To not be too critical, I will say that there’s a lot of things that I hope to see in the next two films and hopefully they include:

  1. Snoke dying at Kylo Ren’s hands. I think Star Wars 8 will be all about Rey & Luke vs. Ren & Snoke. It’s not going to end well. My fantasy booking of the sequels include Luke somehow dying from a mistake Rey makes, then in an ode to Return of the Jedi, Ren will struggle with the Light & Dark and turn against Snoke. But not towards the Light like Vader. Like many dark apprentices before him, Kylo Ren with overthrow his master. The reason I like this is because I didn’t want another Palpatine, and thought it would be much intriguing to see a dark side user without a master. But, since we didn’t get that, I’d rather see Snoke out of the picture in 8 rather than 9 and have Star Wars 9 ALL about Kylo Ren as the main villain. Also I don’t see Luke surviving these movies.
  2. Chewbacca not dying. Because he’s basically everyone’s favourite character and I don’t see it serving a purpose more than some of the other characters dying. So, yes, please no kill Chewy. K?

And to move this along I’ll just put this as who I think will die in which movie.

Who dies in Star Wars 8?: Ungar Plutt, Greg Grunberg (probably), Luke Skywaker, Supreme Leader Snoke.
Star Wars 9: Poe Dameron (early on too), Princess Leia (maybe, I’m still not sure where she’ll fit in), Rey or Finn’s parents (or both, whatever reveal they do with both of them), Kylo Ren (I actually think the final movie might be more about Finn than Rey, maybe trying to find his parents or resisting his pull to the dark side. An in the end, I honestly don’t think Rey will kill Kylo, especially if they’re related. But Finn possibly will)

And then Rey & Finn can go on and live happily ever after (until Star Wars 10 in the year 2045)


I read the books of Lucifer. Now, hear me out. The Vertigo graphic novels that the TV show Lucifer is based on. Okay? I’m not a Satanist. It was my second or third time re-reading he series and I wanted to remember what happened in the comics so I could possibly piece together where they may go on the show. The comics are completely different from the show, which isn’t surprising but it kinda sucks. Unless Chloe Decker (female LAPD cop on the show) or her daughter Trixie to take the place of Elaine from the comic (basically the spawn of a human & angel who becomes the new holy spirit after Yahweh abdicates the throne). It would explain why Lucifer is weak near Chloe on the show. Also in the TV season 1 finale (spoilies ahead) Lucifer says “Mum” has escaped from hell. If they follow the comics, it’s probably Lilith buuuttt… since Supernatural already did that, it might be ‘Mother Nature’ (makes sense, kinda) or another great character I’d like to see from the comics on the show would be the Japanese goddess Izanami. Then again, since the show is SO, SO different from the comics I don’t expect any comic characters to show up. (Fenris as an enemy would be cool though. Especially if he went on a killing spree to find his memories..ooooh…CALL ME LUCIFER WRITERS!!)

Thursday & Friday

Old Episodes of Jimmy Fallon & ROH, also I got called into work early on Friday. Not much done. Lazy days…


Saturday was pretty awesomesauce, but it was also a bit long too. Woke up around 8 ish, hit the bank, then went to WEM Waterpark basically from open to close. All day at WEM for a birthday was the bees knees bomb diggity. I didn’t do any scary slides cause the idea of a floor giving way underneath me sounds terrifying. After a face-full of chlorine and kid pee, I was feeling pretty tired, I went to a friend’s house we ate some spasghetti and cheesecake and played Smash Bros. Also I pocketed SO many Werthers, so, so many… good times, good times.


I watched The Fugitive, it was meh. The sis came over and we ate steak, it was chill.

That’s my week. I have some more stuff I want to talk about, I could honestly do a full essay on Lucifer or Star Wars, but for your sake I won’t and will keep you updated on the upcoming weeks. My Mondays & Tuesdays are gonna be limited cause I’m working full-time now. So we’ll see what I can do, I got some ideas for a video hopefully in the next coming weeks. Stay posted and stay sassy…

Blog #0

What is This?

Hey, I’m OnlyAlexB. I just finished my first year of NAIT. Now, I have four months of work/boredom to look forward to until I start third semester and go full force into my future career of whatever that turns out to be. It’s Radio & Television (I’m in Radio) and it’s a very creative-minded course…. Hence the blog, I like writing. I’m not great* but, there’s some ok stuff my fiction WordPress chasingthefog… But this… This is gonna be a bit different. The (tentative) plan is to do a weekly “blog” that’s going to combine: movies, TV, cartoons, pro-wrestling, Adobe Audition, YouTube and sources of inspiration. Maybe? I kinda want to do a thing where I review stuff, also create stuff. Most of the time I just wanna lay in my bed, so that might be incorporated in there as well. And if I have any inclination, a weight loss goal thing as well. I’m not sure, and this is all in the pre-plan so hopefully next week you’ll have an idea of what I’m trying to do.

Consume vs. Create

This is the weird part because as you’ll learn and read, this is where the division will most likely happen. One one hand, I have lists and lists of Movies to watch, Cartoons, TV Shows and reading that I want to do over the summer. This blog will be where the reviews may happen. The other hand is Create, wherein I have some “ear candy” stuff from my last semester I want to share/mess around with, I have this awesome idea to make a movie out of a something you’re not meant to see (to revealing?? … and maybe more poem/story writing to come.  So this MIGHT be where the division in blogging may come from. Or I might just be lazy and end up lounging about and not doing anything. Or work stuff may come up or I try to find something more “Radio”-y for work and end up having NO time for any of this.


This is the first-ish just so you know where my head’s at (multiple places right now) and hopefully in the next weeks we get stuff more solid and locked down. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions of what this “blog” should be or what you’d like to see you can contact me:

(it’s OnlyAlexB on all platforms, as well)
*I’m actually pretty great